Is there anything I can eat? Is taking regular pain relief bad for you? Views on medical marijuana? What happens during an Endo flare up

Sometimes you’ve got to let your hair down and enjoy a night out once in a while but boy do I pay for it the next day😩

I hadn’t been out with my friends for such a long time as I had a three week period recently where I had heavy bleeding, my skin broke out, anaemia and I was constantly flared up with the worst mood swings, I’ve had to apologise to those close to me for putting up with me 🙈

Wednesday night I went for dinner with my friend at Oyster Creek Kitchen in Southend on sea, why did no one tell me Oysters are no good on the tummy?

So obviously I had to try them as I had never tried them before, what a bad move that was! Before I had even left the table my stomach blew up, luckily I was wearing lose trousers and I wasn’t far from home.

I finally got over my Endo flare up after 3 days and managed to have a lovely weekend. I find when I eat clean and stay clear of anything that contains gluten, dairy, caffeine and wheat I’m okay. I won’t even have cows milk in my tea because something so small will flare my stomach up for at least 3 days. Sometimes it flares by itself so at least I have a little control over it by controlling what I eat. 

My flare ups usually go like this … il eat something like say a yogurt, dairy then after half an hour il look like I’m 7-8 months pregnant and il barely be able to breathe. 

Il be like this for an entire day and night, I then will have trouble sleeping because my stomach will start to cramp so il take pain relief, codeine but usually that doesn’t quite touch it so il then take a more efficient pain relief such as morphine which I now self medicate from home.

After a day of an Endo flare up from eating something tiny like a yogurt or simply by being made a cuppa tea using the wrong milk, il spend my night being unable to sleep because my stomach is swollen and cramping. The next day il feel the effects of morphine and codeine where I can barely function and find it hard to even string a sentence together.

The day after il avoid morphine because I hate the feeling it gives me although it does target the pain, after taking morphine im sick. So day three I spend the day with the shakes and sickness. 

It’s hard to avoid all these foods, sometimes I just want to eat what I want but I can’t afford to have a flare up and be even more uncomfortable than what I am on a daily basis already without them. 

Endometriosis stage 4 and Frozen Pelvis Disease causes me to feel constant back pain, this pain is not so bad in the day although I have become more tolerant to it. My bowel is stuck to my pelvic wall and my stomach is full of cysts that grow up to 8-9cm in size, When the evening comes I’m in agony and taking codeine which I now function on completely.

It’s crazy actually how my mum took one codeine tablet a couple of weeks ago for pain and couldn’t stop throwing up, I sometimes take up to 8 codeine tablets per day but they barely affect me anymore.

Surely it’s not good for my body to be having to take endless amounts of strong medication? I keep being told to try medical marijuana has anyone else used this for pain? How do I even get it ? 

I feel it’s important to write this blog after having the worst start to the week then finishing it feeling as well as I have done in a while. 

But that doesn’t mean I’m not in constant pain, what do you use for pain relief? Ite been almost three months since I was told I had to ban gluten, dairy, wheat and caffeine from my diet, so I’m still learning what I can and can’t eat. 

Three/ four days out of seven I won’t even fill hunger, so it’s hard to keep my weight on. Not that I’ve ever been bigger than a size 10 but I can’t even remeber the last time my size 8 jeans didn’t feel lose on me. 

I would love to hear from you and i would like to hear your advice for medication that doesn’t leave me sick like morphine does

Thank you for taking your time in reading my blog 

I will be writing a new blog this time next week 💖


4 thoughts on “Is there anything I can eat? Is taking regular pain relief bad for you? Views on medical marijuana? What happens during an Endo flare up

  1. Hey Carla,

    My name is Cassie, I live in Canada, I found your blog today. I’m really happy I found your pages. Since 2012 I’ve been struggling with very similar symptoms you have. I am still on that road to be diagnosed, but I’ve finally got an Endo doctor to move it all along. That on its own gives me some relief, mentally… stress really does affect mine. The past 3 years I’ve been struggling to keep a job. It has come to the point where it’s all together too much for me to handle until I get better… And just like you, I love to keep busy, yoga, loved working out and being active. My boyfriend and I ride our bikes whenever we can, couldn’t have done it without him though, so thankful for him and his family support it’s been everything.

    The pains/discomfort you experience when not staying on track, the diet thing is important, watching my diet helps relieve my abdomen discomfort when trying to keep up with eating, I struggle just like you with eating, and I know how hard it is. I LOVE FOOD though, I used to eat a lot of food as a little girl. Now, it honestly scares me, going out anywhere is difficult… I now pay attention to meats I eat too, beef and pork can be heavy and cause cramping. Most of the time with flare-ups, I eat with my heating pad, sometimes needing to lay down and rest during my meals. My heating pad is always at the top of my list for pain relief, I’ve had to sleep with it on high to the point where I cause burns. My Flare-ups have lasted up to a week, I try to avoid the hospital; the wait, the doctors and the way they make you feel about it being in your head. It’s a lot easier managed at home now, with availability to hot baths when I need it.

    I personally have seen a doctor for medicinal Marijuana, my family doctor referred me for the prescription from him and it’s TOTALLY a personal choice, but he educated me on the CBD, THC and different strains available. My decrease in pain killers was important, I take Oxy when it’s bad, I find they can also hurt my stomach if I don’t eat, or don’t work if I can’t take them in time before I start getting sick every 20-30 minutes during a FLAREUP. The doctor recommended I Vape, burning the medicine at a lower temperature rather than combustion and burning with a lighter, and I had to keep a log. I noticed since I tried that last year in May I had weight gain, that stayed on, not drastically but enough. I have never weighed over 115 lbs., I’m a small woman and now I’m struggling to stay above 90lbs. I haven’t gotten back for a prescription due to financial keep up with it, and being given the diagnosis, knowing what it is will make it easier. It doesn’t hurt to try what works for you, everyone is different. Days can still be difficult with that medicine, but it helps more than a prescription drug without the nasty side effects. It helps Pain, sleeping, anxiety, weight gain and other things. It’s good to be educated about it from a professional. I want to thank you though for writing these blogs anyways, sorry I just went on and on, but I really hope this helps with anything you were wondering about medicinal marijuana and pain relief. Good luck with everything.

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    1. Hi Cassie, thank you for reaching out, I keep hearing about the medical marijuana but I’m not even sure it’s legal here and worried my doctor will laugh at me if I even ask, I’m glad your finally seeing a Endo doctor it took years for me to finally be referred but I just don’t know what’s next. I’m seeing a Endo specialist doctor in London June 29th so hopefully il learn more and know what my next steps are I just prey my bowel is safe as that’s their main concern at the moment.
      Im going to find out if medical marijuana is legal here and ask my doctor, I started physio a few weeks ago but my GP suggested it come to a stop because a simple massage caused me so much pain I just feel like a couch potato lol. Luckily I manage to have a couple good days a week and get to doll myself up and pop out but most of the week I’m sofa bound. It’s boring, painful and frustrating. Thank you again for taking the time to read my blogs it means a lot to me that my blogs are travelling all that way and I just hope they can help others as well as help me 💖💛 xxx


  2. hello
    I read about your condition and want to pass on my regards to you.
    You will come good. Have faith in god.
    Don’t drink, don’t smoke. Get a kick out of being as healthy as you can.
    Recently I came down with glandular fever at the start of April. Its now June and I’m only just coming good. It nearly killed me, not over exaggeration.
    Since having Glandular Fever I haven’t had a drink since april. and don’t intend to. Even if your friends drink don’t fall victim to it. Alcohol weakens every cell in the body, even bone cells. Knowing this is important, as we have been told its ok to drink. when in fact that’s a load of bullshit.
    Filter your water. Eat aloe vera from the garden (look at how to prepare it on youtube). Need to led the yellow sap bleed out for 40 minutes befor cleaning and eating the flesh inside.
    I’m sure you already abide by a healthy diet as looking at your pictures your body is amazing.
    stay positive. pray to god only for health not for material things, and pray for others of course.
    Life is a test. and you a merely experiencing a test in life. there is much better things on the horizon.
    Be positive, think positive words and thoughts. be healthy and kind of others. Cant go wrong.
    if you ever like to chat some time, my name is Adam

    Adam xoxo


    1. Hi Adam, thank you. I honestly feel a lot better in myself for my healthy regime it’s just hard to find each day I’m intolerant to something such as wheat and caffeine etc but I’m doing my best in cutting them out. I’m pleased to hear you are feeling better after being tested with life itself and what doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger. Thank you for reaching out it truly means a lot and I will continue to be healthy and stay positive xx


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